Rules-Based Printing

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A Simple Solution With Big Results

Printing costs can add up much faster than many people realize. Every print job uses paper, printer toner, printer supplies, and power, which adds up sheet by sheet. Employees often don’t consider the impact of excessive printing, leading to unnecessarily high operating costs.

Understanding and managing printing costs under control can seem possible. With Peter Paul Office Equipment’s Rules-Based Printing solution, however, it becomes simple.

What is Rules-Based Printing?

Rules-Based Printing is a framework that companies can use to regulate printing projects from the ground up. With just a set of rules and a few tools, companies can take control of printing and save significant amounts of time and money.

With Rules Based Printing, employers can:

  • Restrict access to inkjet and laser printers on their network
  • Track printer usage to determine where cuts can be made
  • Set certain time periods for printers to be active to prevent needless waste
  • Control where print jobs go

Clear, Impressive Results

Businesses that use Rules-Based Printing see decreased printing expenses right away. They see greater accountability throughout their workplaces as well. Employees understand that their company takes printing costs seriously, making them consider if their tasks merit printing or if there are other solutions instead.

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