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Modern Document Management Solutions for Modern Businesses

Peter Paul Office Equipment has been around for more than 80 years. We’ve been through a lot of change since we first opened our doors: Our company has gone from repairing typewriters to offering the high-tech document management solutions available today.

We value working with clients to optimize their processes and support them every step of the way. Our Document Management Solutions will get your company up-to-date and operating at maximum capacity.

Managed Print Services

With Managed Print Services, we help companies gain control over their printing costs and increase their productivity.
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Document Scanning

For companies still dealing with labor-intensive and inefficient paper systems, it could be time to upgrade to a digitized system with document capture services. We will help you get your documents organized and accessible.
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Document Archive

History is important and at Peter Paul Office Equipment we want to help you preserve your history in the most efficient and useful way possible with document archive systems. Your past records will be organized and stored in the most streamlined and efficient way possible.
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Back File Scanning and Destruction

When disaster strikes, many businesses aren’t as prepared as they could be and lose many resources. Peter Paul Office Equipment will help your company proactively prepare for disasters to reduce or eliminate setbacks.
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Document Management Systems

Some of the biggest gaps in productivity come from not having an efficient and established document management workflow. But where to start? We can help your office setup a document management system that will increase productivity and organization immediately.
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Rules Based Printing

Printing costs add up fast. If you don’t know how much your company is spending on printing, it’s time to reign it in and evaluate. Our services will give you control over your printing again.
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Print Accounting

Our services allow companies to track, evaluate, and even block printing to give administrators an organized way to manage printing costs and services.
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