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All businesses, large and small, want to maximize what they get for the dollars they spend. Printing expenses can be easily overlooked, leading to a drain on resources and productivity. Getting printing costs under control starts with the devices in your workplace. With Peter Paul Office Equipment’s stock of mono and color laser printers from Lanier, you can conserve energy and printer supplies while keeping your productivity high.

Tools For Achieving Your Goals

It can be hard to decide which types of office equipment and how many devices your office needs to operate most effectively. Peter Paul has worked in the industry for decades; we’re experts in matching businesses with equipment to help them get jobs done.

We consider a variety of factors to determine which devices would work best for you. These include:

  • Number of employees
  • Services offered by the business
  • Past printing quantities

The Right Fit

Small businesses with modest printing demands may just need a printer that’s reliable and compact. Our laser printers have both of those qualities and much more.

Peter Paul’s printers’ outstanding dpi resolutions give you beautiful images and sharp details. They’re easy to use, reducing the time that employees will need to familiarize themselves with new office equipment.

For companies with higher productivity demands, we also have larger, more powerful machines.

Easy Integration

When installing a new piece of equipment, it’s important to consider how it will fit into your existing infrastructure. Our laser printers integrate easily into any network. Businesses can install one of our devices and start printing right away.

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