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For companies on the go, recording equipment can be the fastest way to save thoughts, meetings and important conversations. Doctors and lawyers often use dictation equipment to record memos, conversations with clients and more. But without the right tools, it can be easy to misuse the equipment and difficult to transcribe the audio files into a text document.

That’s where Peter Paul Office Equipment comes in. Our innovative dictation solutions will make the process from audio file to text document easier, more secure and more efficient.

Hardware, Software and Support

Peter Paul offers the hardware and software that companies need to effectively record and transcribe audio files. We offer high-end products ranging from stand-alone voice recorders to recording apps for smartphones.

Our other available products and services include:

  • Separate speakers that connect to one device and record multiple people clearly
  • Digital mini tape recorders that create hard copies of recordings
  • Digital electronic recording for easy sharing of audio fileS
  • Headsets that allow typists to hear recordings clearly

You Choose the Process

There are multiple workflows that can transform your audio files into typed documents. Companies can choose different workflows according to staffing, budget and timing:

  1. Easily share your audio file with an assistant in your own office to create the transcribed document
  2. Invest in speech recognition software that can transcribe documents easily and accurately
  3. Send your audio file to a contracting company to transcribe it on your behalf No matter which option you select, we have the tools and services to get you the documents you need quickly.

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