Peter Paul Office Equipment is a leader in document management solutions. With over 80 years of experience in the industry, we are a trusted provider with a strong history of providing the best solutions. We’ve adapted with changing times and technologies over the years, and are pleased to offer the top document management solutions available today. At Peter Paul Office Equipment, we work with each of our clients to provide a customized solution to optimize processes, modernize infrastructure and enable your business to operate at maximum capacity.

Learn more about all the Document Management solutions Peter Paul Office Equipment has to offer:

Managed Print Services

Let Peter Paul Office Equipment monitor and evaluate your printing infrastructure to identify areas that are running smoothly and areas that could be more productive. We take care of all your needs from establishing your printer fleet, to preemptively identifying issues that arise, to consolidating existing solutions to save resources. This means you can remain hands-off when it comes to your office technology, and instead, focus on your business.

  • Gain visibility into printing operations
  • Keep control over printing costs
  • Increase productivity throughout the office

Document Scanning

Take advantage of one of the many automated, high-tech document scanning technologies available today. These solutions are less labor-intensive and more efficient than managing traditional paper records, and digitizing records helps streamline business operations overall. Peter Paul Office Equipment is your partner when it comes to upgrading your scanning solution and going digital.

  • Increase file organization and accessibility
  • Improve processing capabilities and efficiency
  • Reduce risk of losing records

Document Archive

It’s essential to maintain business records and hold onto historical documents. This has traditionally been done with paper records, but storing documents digitally is now the norm in today’s world. Our document archive services help you manage your important business files in a streamlined manner. Ensure your records and important data are organized, secure, and lasting with our document archive services. More lasting than paper copies, these include routing, editing, storing, and sharing of files.

  • Capture documents and convert into digital formats
  • Maintain organization and control over documents
  • Enable security and protect the privacy of sensitive files

Back File Scanning & Shredding

Today’s world is a digital one, making it more imperative than ever to maintain control over your files and keep them secured. With our back file scanning and shredding services, we help you digitize your existing files and destroy the original hard copies to maintain security. Back file scanning and shredding services allow you to safeguard your records, and give you control over information enabling you to meet legal requirements for client data handling.

  • Dispose of old or obsolete records safely
  • Manage and digitize back files
  • Safeguard against natural disasters and other security threats

Document Workflow

Some of the biggest gaps in productivity occur when an efficient and established document management workflow is not in place. Peter Paul Office Equipment can help you set up a document management system to increase productivity and organization throughout your entire office. We work with you to identify areas for improvement, then put protocols into place to help things run smoothly and save you time and money in the process.

  • Set goals and objectives to establish infrastructure
  • Gain control over your printer fleet and audit functioning, environmental impact, and productivity
  • Improve collaboration and workflow related to document routing

Rules-Based Printing

Costs related to printer toner and printer supplies add up fast, and companies often don’t realize just how much they’re spending on paper, supplies and power. Rules-based printing provides visibility into these print-related costs, and helps regulate printing projects by putting rules and quotas into place. Our rules-based printing services will allow you to take control of your printing to save your business time and money.

  • Control and restrict access to network printers
  • Track usage and print-related metrics
  • Increase cost savings for entire organization

Print Accounting

Print accounting allows you to track, evaluate and control printing functions within your organization to easily manage print usage and costs. Similar in some ways to rules-based printing, print accounting collects data on usage and provides insight so you can make the best decisions.

  • Collect data and reports on print usage to drive decisions
  • Reduce and manage costs
  • Restrict access to printing by setting blocks, quotas and more

To discuss how our Document Management solutions can optimize and secure your important files, contact us today!