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Document Archive - Managing Past Documents for Future Productivity

Think of how many documents your company creates, shares, duplicates and receives each month. You may not need to access this information every day, but you may need to store and save it for future use.

How does your company currently deal with information that you need to save? Peter Paul Office Equipment has Document Archive solutions to help you organize and preserve your important records. Your information will stay protected and easily retrievable.

Capturing Documents

Archiving your records begins by using Peter Paul’s Document Capture solutions, which help you convert your scanned documents to a variety of digital formats. We can work with your company to create a comprehensive, user-friendly document management system that will ensure that you can find your files quickly whenever you need them.

Increased Document Management Abilities

Routing, editing or storing archived documents becomes a streamlined process with the solutions we offer:

  • Quickly share documents with others
  • Capture documents with many different sources
  • Integrate our solutions with your existing network effortlessly.
  • Meet compliance and industry regulations

Security You Can Trust

Our solutions give you outstanding security for your documents. You can allow or prohibit access to your records. Also, you can track who views which documents and when.

More Document Solutions

Peter Paul Office Equipment has several other Document Management Solutions to help you operate more efficiently. Check out the links below for details:

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To discuss how our Document Archive solutions can improve your record-keeping processes,