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Is Your Printer Protecting Your Documents?

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Businesses of small and large sizes are starting to realize the importance of document security. There is a significant risk of losing sensitive files and information, so taking the right steps to protect your documents is critical. The wrong printer can result in costly security breaches, but there are some steps your business can take to secure your documents. Let’s check them out:

Rules-Based Printing

A Simple Solution With Big Results

Printing costs can add up much faster than many people realize. Every print job uses paper, printer toner, printer supplies, and power, which adds up sheet by sheet. Employees often don’t consider the impact of excessive printing, leading to unnecessarily high operating costs.

Understanding and managing printing costs under control can seem possible. With Peter Paul Office Equipment’s Rules-Based Printing solution, however, it becomes simple.

Document Management (OLD)

Modern Document Management Solutions for Modern Businesses

Peter Paul Office Equipment has been around for more than 80 years. We’ve been through a lot of change since we first opened our doors: Our company has gone from repairing typewriters to offering the high-tech document management solutions available today.

We value working with clients to optimize their processes and support them every step of the way. Our Document Management Solutions will get your company up-to-date and operating at maximum capacity.

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