4 of the Worst Printers Problems and What You Can Do About Them

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We use printers so often and without issue, that when something isn't working quite right, we notice immediately. If you’ve ever worked with a printer, there’s a high chance you’ve encountered one of these four problems.

1. Paper Jams

One of the most frequently encountered, and frustrating, printer problems is the paper jam. A paper jam occurs when paper becomes caught in the feeder and stops operation. The worst thing you can do is try and tear out the document. Instead, carefully turn the feed wheel and allow the paper to churn itself out.

Get Rid of These 4 Hidden Printing Costs with Managed Print

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It’s easy to see the big picture when creating budgets. What takes us by surprise are the costs we didn’t see coming. If you’re not careful, your printing budget can be eaten up by avoidable expenses. Use managed print services to help get rid of these costs. Managed print is a service that will monitor printing processes and ensure they are running efficiently.

5 Ways to Master Mobile Printing

mobile printing

Whether it's pleasure or business, we’re always on our phones. And in an increasingly fast-paced world, we have the power of the internet in our hands constantly. With cloud software that uses internet-based servers, we can access files in and out of the office. Now, with mobile printing, we can also print without using a desktop. Here are five ways to master mobile printing.

Insider Tips For Buying a Multi Function Copier

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With so many brands and constant new upgrades, purchasing a multifunction copier can be overwhelming. There are simple strategies for weeding your way through all the choices. Multifunction copiers have a lot of components and breaking them down into smaller pieces can help you talk the challenge. Here are four insider tips for buying your next machine.

1. Required Features

Multifunction copiers come designed for many different uses. Narrowing down your needs will help determine the right one for you.

Consider features such as:


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