Privacy and security are more critical than ever–and, naturally, financial institutions are no exception. Especially when it comes to backfiles, you want to have all the right tricks up your sleeve. Let’s take a closer look at one particularly savvy option: implementing scanning and shredding solutions.

Big Benefits

Financial institutions have a lot of responsibility. After all, when a client decides to work with you, they’re putting their financial information–and, in many ways, their entire financial future–in your hands. Even past clients remain in your case because their information lives in those back files that might be piling up.

That’s where backfile scanning and shredding comes in.

Rather than letting uncontrolled personal information hang over your institution like a storm cloud, you can take control and decide what needs and be shredded, what needs to be scanned, and how to organize everything. Scanning and shredding come with some pretty big benefits, including:

  • efficiency, since scanned files can easily be searched, shared, and updated, while shredded files are out of your way forever;
  • security, limiting the risk of backfiles being lost or stolen;
  • and sustainability, allowing you to make your workflows digital instead of constantly using ink and paper.

Quick Tips

Now that you know why you should be scanning and shredding your institution’s backfiles, here are a few tips to get you started!

Tip #1: Make plans.

Remember that backfile scanning and shredding–and, in fact, back files in general–should be incorporated into all of your risk management discussions and protocols.

Tip #2: Be patient.

Don’t start shredding back files until you’re positive you won’t need them again.

Tip #3: Use a holistic approach.

When scanning and shredding, consider the entire life-cycle of a document or backfile, including the impact any changes might have on your workflow, employees, and customer service.

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