Back File scanning and shredding are two sides of a very important coin–especially if your financial institution has a lot of backfiles to manage. Today, we’ll take a closer look at what each solution entails, as well as why they’re both so necessary in the world of dollars and cents.

Twin Solutions

Back File scanning and shredding often go hand-in-hand because they are both steps toward a secure, efficient, and, most importantly, paperless business. One solution can exist without the other, certainly, but they are never more effective than when used together. That’s why financial institutions of all shapes and sizes should consider adding both scanning and shredding to their repertoire of backfile solutions.


Let’s take a look at scanning first. Scanning is a necessary step toward paperless workflows; it takes huge stacks of jumbled, chaotic back files and turns them into orderly, easy-to-manage digital documents that can be shared, stored, and saved in seconds. Scanning also makes it easier to achieve a high level of security legally necessary in financial institutions, offering access to tools like user authentication and access control to keep sensitive information as safe as possible.


Shredding is equally as important as scanning, especially in the financial world. As you’re scanning, you’re likely to come across information or documents you don’t need anymore–but as most of that data is likely to be sensitive, it mustn’t just go in the trash. That’s where shredding comes in. Shredding gives you an easy way to protect your clients, your employees, and your institution, all while keeping you organized and compliant.

Why They Matter

Together, scanning and shredding make up an important step toward powerful, paperless workflows. They can help financial institutions eliminate waste, inefficiencies, and day-to-day frustrations, all while boosting security and efficiency.

So, are you ready to get started with scanning and shredding? Are you looking for more backfile solutions? Contact us today for all the help you need!