You work in close collaboration with a copier dealer to find the perfect printer or copier. They are aware of your printing needs and the goals of your company. Use this relationship to your advantage as you come across questions or issues with your machines.

Get the Most Out of Your Office Technology

Chances are you made a specific list of features you would need when you started shopping with a copier dealer. While you were aware of the features and their benefits maybe now that the printer is in your office, you’re not quite sure how to use it fully. Talk with your contact at the copier dealer to take advantage of features like printer address books that save all your contacts or have them help you set up the mobile printing you were looking forward to using.

Learn New Skills

It’s always in your best interest to continue learning. When it comes to printer functions, there’s always something you can add to your repertoire. If you have a relationship with a copier dealer, then you have a wealth of knowledge on your hands. For example, if you were having a challenge creating a newsletter their team will likely have someone on staff that knows exactly how to help you. Tap into this resource without hesitation.

Avoid Frustration

Printers are not always easy to use and can cause some irritation. Copier dealers employ expertly trained staff who know how to service specific machines and brands. Instead of getting angry with your printer, contact the copier dealer you bought it from and have them assist you in solving the problem.

Building a supportive contact with a copier dealer is a must do for any business with printers and copiers. Having someone who can help you get the most out of our printing fleet while providing additional insight is invaluable. To learn more about working with a copier dealer and the extended benefits they provide, call us today.