Entering a contract can be intimidating but having more knowledge about how it will benefit you can calm your nerves. Copiers and printers are staples of office function and cause a productivity stop when they are broken. If you are entering an equipment lease, these are things to know about copier maintenance contracts.

Why You Need a Maintenance Contract

Equipment, no matter how new or expensive, can fall prey to a malfunction. A maintenance contract and service-level agreement (SLA) are essential for protecting your business. If a device happens to have an issue, any downtime you experience because of it affects your business. Whether it lasts for hours or days, you want to get in touch with a service technician as soon as possible. Then you can return to providing service to your clients who don’t want to experience a delay.

What’s in a Contract?

In a copier maintenance contract and SLA, there should be regular performance check-ups on your equipment. If a service technician is viewing your printer or copier before it malfunctions, then you’re more likely to avoid unnecessary downtime. A technician can assess the status of your equipment and make recommendations to keep it up to date. Plan these strategically such as before when you know you’re going to have a busy month or a big project due.

Copier dealers also suggest maintenance contracts because it will be easier to receive service quickly if you do have a problem occur. It should only take a few hours for someone to come to your office and help you out. Some companies even provide 24/7 remote service.

Working with a Copier Dealer

When you lease or buy from a copier dealer you are entering into a relationship that should be beneficial to you. Choose a copier dealer that is well regarded and employees highly skilled technicians. These choices will minimize the impact of equipment downtimes.

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