Businesses of small and large sizes are starting to realize the importance of document security. There is a significant risk of losing sensitive files and information, so taking the right steps to protect your documents is critical. The wrong printer can result in costly security breaches, but there are some steps your business can take to secure your documents. Let’s check them out:

Don’t Leave Documents Out

We’ve all sent a document to the printer and then have taken our sweet time in getting it out of the tray. This is dangerous! When prints are left in the tray, they are easily carried away with other employees’ prints or intentionally taken from the tray. Leaving documents that contain someone’s pay information or sensitive business plans or statistics can be disastrous.

Password Protect Documents

When sharing documents throughout the office, protecting them with a password is an effective way to keep them from unwanted viewers. Choosing a printer that will help you password-protect documents is a critical decision in document security.

Automatic File Backups

Many printers can automatically save a scanned document straight to your cloud service. This is a great feature that protects your documents from the chance of being deleted on a local computer or drive. Be sure to find a copier that protects your files and automatically backs them up.

Mobile Printing

A dangerous feat in printing is passing a document along to someone else to print it for you. Sharing files might be a common practice for remote employees, who do not have local access to your business’ printer. Equip your office with a printer that can allow remote employees to print directly to you, rather than needing to pass around sensitive information to someone who can print it.

Protect Your Printer’s Hard Drive

New multifunction printers are equipped with hard drives that assist the passing along of files throughout your business. Be sure to use a printer that’s hard drive is encrypted well and that automatically overwrites itself. These features will allow you to pass along documents safely and effectively.

Reach out to Peter Paul Office Equipment today to find out how you can equip your business to secure documents. We offer a variety of multifunction copiers and printers that will keep your sensitive data safe and secure.