Where previously wireless printing may have been a bonus, the prevalence of wifi enabled hand held devices makes it a necessity. Being prepared for meetings and other day to day tasks can be as easy as printing from your smartphone the moment you step in the office. Here are three reasons to start printing wirelessly now.

1. Business On the Go

Printing wirelessly allows you move from home to an offsite meeting, to the office. If you’re on a tablet or a smartphone being able to connect to an enabled printer means you can do business anywhere. Not having to email a file to your desktop just to print it saves an invaluable amount of time.

Also, your clients will appreciate your ability to go with the flow and take your business on the go.

2. Increased Flexibility

What about wireless outages? Technology isn’t perfect, and you should be prepared for whatever comes your way. Wi-fi enabled printers allow you to have a direct peer to peer connection to a mobile device without router connectivity. When shopping for a new printer let your copier dealer know if this is a feature you want to be included on the devices you are looking at.

3. Work at a Higher Speed

Overall, wireless printing allows you to work at a more direct speed. Instead of having to wait to access a desktop connected to your preferred printer you can print anywhere. By implementing wireless printing within your business now, you prepare your business for the next wave of technology. Staying on top of current technology creates a future ready business.

To enlist the help of a copier dealer and to learn more about printing wirelessly, contact us today!