Why Local Copier Dealers Are Your Best Friend


Copiers are a big part of your workflow, your communication, and your company's overall success--which means you need a dealer who's up to the task. Today, we'll show you why it's always best to stay local when it comes to copier dealers!

Choosing Better Dealers

Today's copiers are harder-working than ever. Some of them can print, fax, and scan on top of copying, and some can connect to your network in order to help you automate tasks and get work done even faster. At the end of the day, though, the copier itself isn't quite as important as how you get it. After all, the right copier and the wrong dealer could spell trouble for your efficiency, your customer service, your workflows, and your budget.

Here are just a few reasons why local copier dealers can be your company's best friend!

  • Price

Local copier dealers tend to be smaller, more compact businesses, meaning that they don't have millions of employees and numerous locations to pay for. That, in turn, means you could get better prices with local dealers than with big-name companies.

  • Service

It makes sense that, since a local dealer might be right down the street, they'll be able to get a technician to your business much faster than a manufacturer could. On top of that, all technicians are trained the exact same way, no matter what business they're with--which means you'll get high-quality and high-speed service.

  • Reliability

The truth about local dealers is that they rely on partnerships, not just "customers." They learn about your business, your unique needs, and your industry's requirements so that they can provide personalized service in every way. Big-name dealers, on the other hand, probably just see you as a paycheck.

Want to see what a local copier dealer can do for you? Contact us today!