There’s a lot to consider when it comes to the ideal copier environment, but one thing that many companies overlook is the type of dealer they use. Copier dealers can make or break your success in lots of ways–but what makes them so important? Let’s find out!

Start at the Copier

To understand why copier dealers are such a critical part of your company’s success, we need to start with the copiers themselves. Copying likely still plays a role in everything you do, from communicating with your customers to building your brand–so it makes sense that every copier-related choice you make is going to have a big impact. Take, for example, the make and model of your copier fleet, the security protocols you have in place, and the type of consumables you use. It all contributes to a good copy experience–but copier dealers are involved in all that and more, especially when it comes to maintenance and repairs. Healthy copiers are happy copiers, and happy copiers don’t waste time, money, or manpower.

Here are a few signs that it might be time to choose a new copier dealer:

  • #1: You’re not getting the most out of your copiers.

If you feel like you and your machines aren’t a good fit, the real problem might be your copier dealer. Good copier dealers are so important because they’re supposed to play matchmaker and help you identify the right devices for your unique needs.

  • #2: You’re experiencing a lot of downtime.

Copier downtime can be both expensive and frustrating. If you can’t get in contact with your dealer or they don’t sufficiently fix the problem, you can experience a lot of downtime–which means losing a lot of time and money.

  • #3: You’re worried about the cost.

Good copier dealers are supposed to lay out all of your payment options, help you understand which machines are best for your financial needs, and even point you in the direction of perfect consumables for your specific make and model. If that’s not happening, you’ll likely notice a lot of stress.

Copier dealers are a crucial part of your copy experience. Want to learn more or find the right copier dealer for your business? Contact us today!