Taking good care of your printers should always be a priority, but when service contracts are involved, many companies get a little nervous. Not to worry–today we’ll help demystify the good old service contract and help you make sure your printers are getting the best possible care!

Happy Printers, Happy Businesses

Many businesses don’t stop to really think about their loyal printers. These hardworking devices are part of just about everything, from internal communication to customer service to marketing–which means that it’s absolutely crucial to take good care of them. After all, if your printers are getting regular maintenance, they’ll last longer, work better, and be more efficient–and that means you won’t have to pay for repairs or upgrades for awhile. With that said, many businesses also have to deal with service contracts before they can even consider “happy printers,” so it’s important to understand the details.

What To Know

Here are a few quick tips about service contracts on your printers!

  • #1: Speak the language.

You probably expect that most service contracts are going to have some legal jargon, but you also need to speak the language of printers and copiers. For example, did you know that, in the service contract world, a “click” refers to a printed image? (Single-sided prints are one “click,” and double-sided prints are two.)

  • #2: Understand your company’s habits.

Since you’ll likely be paying for a minimum number of “clicks” whether you print that much or not, it helps to know ahead of time about how much your company prints every month. Some guesswork is expected, but try to get as close as possible.

  • #3: Know what to expect.

Service contracts can cover different things. Make sure yours includes everything you’ll need, from toner cartridges to drums to regular maintenance, and always read the fine print.

Taking good care of your printers doesn’t have to be a challenge, even with a service contract. For some no-hassle help, contact us today!