What Exactly is on Your Copier’s Hard Drive?

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The majority of new copiers and multifunction printers (MFPs) have hard drives within their infrastructure. These days, it would be quite rare to find an MFP that didn’t have one. These hard drives are of massive help to businesses, allowing employees to work faster by saving emails, workflows, and more directly on the device. If these hard drives are managed poorly, however, they can cause problems for your company and potentially break government regulations.

We’ve put together a list of what is stored on your copier’s hard drive so you can see just how vital it is to secure:


Like a computer, your copier runs many different software programs to accomplish various functions. This software includes the operating, the interface, and the user experience systems. These programs allow your copier to be integrated with other office tools like cloud storage and office networks that enable mobile printing, scan to email, and more.

These software are critical to your copier’s ability to streamline your workflows.


As workflows advance and allow for more options for employees, they need a place to be stored within a device. Your copier’s hard drive allows for it to know where documents should be shared and saved to.

Common forms and files can also be stored through your hard drive, making a variety of regular tasks quick and easy because of your MFP’s hard drive.

What Else?

So far everything we have covered that is saved on your copier is helpful for your business. What else is saved on your copier’s hard drive, you might wonder. Well, everything. Anytime you print, fax, scan, or copy, the file passes through and is saved on your hard drive as a completed task. The most routine documents are stored here, and so are your most precious documents and information.

It might seem unrealistic, but hackers have developed creative means to gain access to your copier’s hard drive with the intent of stealing sensitive information.

Your copier’s hard drive is a gold mine to a hacker. To ensure that your business has taken the proper steps to protect it, contact Peter Paul Office Equipment today!