Items that affect a majority of budgets are things that go unnoticed. Either because they are small spending habits or your office is unaware of their actual cost. To zero in on expenses that are cutting into your budget, examine your printing environment.

Creating a Print Policy

A print policy is a document that lays out the do’s and don’ts of printing for your office. This might include when to print in color or how to maximize on duplex printing. A print procedure will lay out printing policies for your employees. With a system in place, you can hold your team accountable for adhering to the guidelines, and in turn cutting printing costs. To create your instructions, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who is printing what?: Some departments are dependent on printing documents while others print rarely. Instead of putting a cap on your entire company, assess individual groups and vary their guidelines by need.
  • What access limits should exist?: Not every department needs to print in color. By grouping teams based on what type of printing they can access you will cut costs.
  • How is maintenance handled?: When you create a print policy, you have the opportunity to put everyone on the same page. Involving your copier dealer can be beneficial as they have experience with the brand you purchased.
  • What will your communication strategy be?: Involving your office with updates and security tips is an efficient way to keep service costs on your printer to a minimum.

Implementing New Strategies

Once you have a print policy that you are ready to share, follow through for company-wide understanding. It’s easy to distribute a document that no one reads. Check in with team members to see how the new policies are affecting them both positively and negatively. Your print policy can be a living document that changes as needed.

It can also be beneficial to show your company how you have cut costs through these policies to encourage them to continue to follow the guidelines.

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