Tips from Copier Dealers: MFPs or Copiers?


Machines of all shapes and sizes are getting more powerful, more efficient, and more useful in the workplace--but that leaves you with a lot of big choices to make. Today, we'll help you answer one of the most important questions: which is better for your office--an MFP or a copier?

Starting at Square One

When it comes to office equipment, there are a lot of steps you need to take in order to make sure you end up with the perfect machine--but in truth, most of those steps are negotiable. The one thing you should definitely do first is choose a trustworthy copier dealer. These industry experts can help you by offering suggestions, explaining the pros and cons of certain choices, and helping you find a machine that suits your needs and your budget.

Once you have a copier dealer lined up, it's time to decide exactly what you're looking for. Let's take a look at copiers versus MFPs!


Today's copiers aren't the clunky, inefficient machines of the past. Instead they're fast, sleek, and powerful, providing top-notch performance, reliable speed of up to 90 pages per minute, and advanced features like binding and stapling. They can also handle a wide variety of paper sizes and types. Suffice it to say that copiers don't "just copy" anymore--they do a whole lot more!


Multifunction printers, or MFPs, are known for combining print, fax, copy, and scan capabilities. This makes them excellent tools for multitasking--and on top of that, they save space and money by limiting the need for single-use devices. They're ideal for more compact environments.

So, do you need a copier or an MFP? A good copier dealer can help you decide. Contact us today to find out more!