Dealing with printers is part of every day in business. Consumables are one element that can be frustrating if not planned for accordingly. Running out of ink can put a stop to important projects when you’re on a tight deadline.

Improving Printer Output

Printer supplies can be a point of contention in the office. Once they begin to run out, it can be a hassle to replace and once they are used up the printer stops running. Consumables are expensive and should be used in a way that is cost-effective. Quality over quantity is important in this case. Purchase name brand ink and printer toner, because you don’t want to have poor print quality in the name of saving money. You can also adjust your print settings so that you are using less ink.

Recycling Print Cartridges

A manufacturer may choose to refill ink cartridges if they can manipulate the mechanical elements within it. Smaller companies do not take the cartridge apart before refilling while large-scale companies dismantle it and can provide a warranty. Do your research before buying recycled cartridges to make sure that the company you choose can offer a warranty. Copier dealers not only deal with maintenance issues but they can also talk to you about recycled cartridges.

Reduce Wasted Printing

How often do you find a paper in the print tray that someone forgot? This wasted paper can add up to a lot of consumable use that shortens the life of your ink and toner. To combat this, you can implement pull printing. Pull printing creates a two-step process. The user selects print and then at the machine releases the print job. That way they are physically there to collect their document.

Working with a copier dealer is the best way to make sure all your printing needs are met adequately. When it comes to printing consumables, they are there to make sure you have a backup cartridge before you run out. Are you interested in working with a copier dealer? Call Peter Paul today to learn more.