With so many brands and constant new upgrades, purchasing a multifunction copier can be overwhelming. There are simple strategies for weeding your way through all the choices. Multifunction copiers have a lot of components and breaking them down into smaller pieces can help you talk the challenge. Here are four insider tips for buying your next machine.

1. Required Features

Multifunction copiers come designed for many different uses. Narrowing down your needs will help determine the right one for you.

Consider features such as:

  • Print Volume
  • Color Vs. Black and White
  • Staples/Folding/Hole Punching

2. Sustainability

A new multifunction copier presents you with the opportunity to choose features that decrease your impact on the environment. First and foremost you have energy savings from the consolidation of all your devices into one machine. Also look for duplex printing to help reduce paper waste.

3. Acquisition Method

One of the most daunting tasks of getting a new multifunction copier is fitting it into the budget. If you’d rather not make an outright purchase, you can choose to lease a machine. Read here for help deciding between leasing or buying new office equipment.

If you work with a copier dealer, you can also discuss cost-per-page agreements and bundling of equipment and services.

4. Choosing a Copier Dealer

Purchasing from a copier dealer should feel like entering a partnership. The service should extend past the date of purchase and include regular check-ups and maintenance. An authorized dealer can provide years of experience and knowledge that will be helpful with future issues.

For more information on multifunction copiers and working with a service focused copier dealer, call us today