Don’t want to buy that expensive machine, but have your heart set on producing a certain project? See how equipment leasing relieves stress. Then, once you are accustomed to how easy equipment leasing is, you will want to know what machines are available. Copier dealers carry different products, and they are all worth exploring. Here are few examples to get you started.

Wide Format Printing A printer that produces prints on a roll from 18” to 100” is considered a wide format printer. Don’t limit yourself to thinking these printers are just for creative outlets. If you are starting a project that involves banners, architectural drawings, or media backdrops then look into utilizing a wide format printer.

Production Printing Intricate, high-volume jobs require production printing. You might need a production printer if you are working in an office that requires signed paperwork from clients. Renting through a copier dealer means you don’t have to worry about the wear and tear on a machine that comes with excessive production printing. Through a copier dealer, you can rely on professional service and maintenance.

Dictation Equipment If you have an important meeting taking place and want to record the conversation to leave your hands free, dictation equipment is available. Not all companies possess this equipment and don’t need it regularly. Knowing what options are available can help bypass roadblocks to success.

Your company has infinite potential, none of which should be stopped by lack of equipment. There is no need to stop the ball rolling on a project that requires a machine you’re not ready to invest in. Research of copier dealers will show that the possibilities are endless. If you are looking to complete a unique project through the help of a copier dealer, call us today!