Document Drama: Archiving vs. Backups

There are a lot of technical terms in the business world, and let’s be honest–you probably don’t need to memorize every single one. However, when it comes to your documents, there are some terms you’ll want to remember–for example, archiving and backups. Today we’ll take a closer look at document archiving, why it’s important, and how it differs from the more-familiar document backup.

What is Archiving?

Document archiving is a simple, painless way to improve organization, boost security, and keep workflows tidy and efficient. Mostly, it’s a solution that allows you to identify which documents you need on hand at all times, and which documents you don’t want to shred but also don’t want to be in your way. The latter category is stored in your archive, where all the files will be safe but easily accessible at any time. It’s quick and stress-free, and better yet, it’s effective.

How is it Unique?

It’s important to remember that document archiving isn’t the same as backing up your files. Ideal backups are a copy of all your data, and they exist as an up-to-the-minute “safety net” in case something goes wrong with your machines your infrastructure. Document archives, on the other hand, contain information that isn’t being updated; they’re just a safe place to put files you might need later but don’t need right now.

Do You Need Both?

We know how important backups can be, but do you need to implement document archiving too? Here are a few benefits that prove the answer is yes:

  • organization, since archived files are “out of the way” without being out of reach;
  • cost savings, because you won’t need to print and re-print archived files every time you need to use them;
  • security, thanks to personalized settings that allow you to protect data your way;
  • and efficiency, since archived files are easy to access, update, or even destroy if you find you don’t need them.

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