Document scanning seems like an easy topic, a simple task, and a quick solution to all kinds of problems in your workflow–and it is some of those things, but the truth is that there are a lot of myths out there that you definitely shouldn’t believe. Let’s take a closer look to find out the truth about document scanning!

Don’t Take Scanning for Granted

Although document scanning might not be a massive, complicated solution that takes multiple years, hundreds of employees, and a lot of work to implement, it’s also not some “quick fix” you can set up in a day and get immediate results. Scanning, like most business solutions, takes effort. Less perhaps, than other solutions, but you still need to do your research, create a solid plan, and devote yourself to at least a little bit of hard work.

Luckily, there’s a long list of benefits waiting for you at the finish line, including:

  • better organization,
  • stronger security,
  • legal compliance,
  • less clutter,
  • and environmental friendliness.

Common Myths

Not sure what to believe about document scanning? Here are three common myths debunked!

#1: “Document scanning takes almost no work.”

This one isn’t true. Sure, document scanning is simple–but when you have hundreds of documents to scan, it can still be overwhelming. Make sure to organize your files beforehand so you can start strong!

#2: “All documents need to be scanned.”

Here’s some good news: some documents don’t need to be scanned. If you don’t use them very often, you can store them as they are–and if you don’t use them at all, they’re better off shredded.

#3: “Scanning is expensive.”

Since the price of in-house document scanners is so affordable, and the solution itself saves all kinds of money, the truth is that scanning might be the best budget decision you can make.

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