Choosing a Color Copier

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There are many reasons for using a color copier, and it doesn’t take much to convince yourself that your business would benefit from such a device. When it comes to choosing a color copier, on the other hand, you have some factors to consider.

What’s Right For Your Business?

The benefits of color copiers are numerous, but that doesn’t mean every device is perfect for your company. You should gauge your needs so that you do not overspend or choose the wrong device. First, you should consider essential functions of Ricoh copiers outside of its ability to print in color. Then think the size of the copier and if it will fit in your space. Lastly, make sure you are matching your copier up with your print volume.

Understand the Service Contract

Getting a full grasp of your service contract before signing the paperwork is a necessary step. The service contract is a warranty you decide on with your copier dealer. In the contract, they will lay out what you can expect from them. Work with your copier dealer to understand what your overage rate will be, what is not covered, if copying issues are covered, and if you can change the contract annually.

New or Pre-owned

The simple way to look at choosing between a new or pre-owned copier is the upfront cost. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as that. Don’t forget to consider maintenance and which of the two will require more. You may also find that older machines take up more energy and add costs in other ways. Talking with a copier dealer is your best bet for this decision as they will know they the machines and can tell you what the long-term cost will be.

Choosing a color copier takes some careful consideration. Make sure your device works for your business and that you know what is covered in the service contract. You can also make the important decision between new and pre-owned by consulting with a copier dealer. If you have more questions about choosing a color copier, call us today!