The time has come to replace your old printer, and you are considering where to find a new one. While you might think any company will do, this is a big purchase that you’ll want to consider carefully. When shopping around for copier dealers don’t make these mistakes.

Working With an Unauthorized Dealer

To receive the best service you need to work with a company prides itself on its service department. By working with an authorized copier dealer, you are guaranteed to have technicians that are knowledgeable about their products and educated extensively. They can only become approved once the manufacturer feels comfortable with a copier dealers training of their personnel.

Forgetting to Read Through Customer Testimonies

Nothing will give you more insight into a companies reputation then customer statements. If a company does not willingly share stories from clients, you should be suspicious. A dedicated service team will be happy to display positive comments from customers. Don’t sell these reviews short as they can shed insight on who you will be working with.

Not Asking About Post-Installation Service

Sometimes you can get caught up in the actual purchase of a machine that you don’t consider to ask about what service will continue after installation. A copier dealer worth working with will include a period of service to maintain your machine. This shows that a company is committed to the satisfaction of the customer.

Are all of these reminders that important? They are if you want to purchase a machine from a reliable copier dealer whom you know you can’t count on for future service. While it may seem trivial at the moment, it won’t be when you are in the middle of a project, and your printer isn’t working. Take the time to do your research before you buy from a copier dealer and feel secure in your choice.

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