What equipment do you currently use in the office? We would guess you might use too much equipment. If you have a separate copier, scanner, fax machine, and printer, you are working with too many devices.

If this is your business, it is time to update your office and combine those four machines into one multifunction printer (MFP). A multifunction printer can do everything that these separate devices can do and more.

Here are six reasons why your business should have an MFP:

1. Environmentally Friendly

Modern multifunction printers have impressive efficiency ratings. These devices are extremely energy efficient with different energy saving features. It also takes less energy to power a single MFP than multiple devices throughout the office.

2. Cut the Clutter

Another issue that comes with multiple devices is multiple cords. Between power cords and network cables, using various devices gets messy fast. MFPs help cut clutter and save you the headache of figuring out how to hide wires.

3. Better Functionality

Many manufacturers have developed apps and features that make MFPs more functional than single devices. Multifunction devices are machines designed to help your business be as productive as possible.

4. Digitize Workflow

A network-connect MFP can streamline your company’s workflow as documents can be copied to have digital files available to either share or save on a storage network.

5. Conserve Space

Many offices do not have a lot of excess space to work with. Investing in an MFP is a great way to get a few devices out of the office and consolidate them into a central location. This could open up more counter space for either work or to keep freed up for decorative purposes.

6. Less Toner

Another benefit of choosing an MFP has fewer devices to put toner cartridges in. Every year, over 350 million cartridges are thrown in landfills. These cartridges have lengthy decomposing processes that hurt the environment. An MFP is an excellent choice to move from multiple devices requiring cartridges to just one.

To learn more about multifunction printers and see which one is right for your business, contact Peter Paul Office Equipment today!