4 Reasons Your Office Needs a Copier

copier dealer

You may have started out as a small business that didn’t require any equipment, but as with most growth, you may find yourself in need of a copier. Here are four reasons a copier will benefit your office.

1. Maintain an Independent Schedule

Working in-house grants you the flexibility that would be impossible with a third party service provider. There are times when you need a large job done and sending it to a print house would make sense, but owning a copier makes quick and easy jobs possible. Does someone need a copy of their pay stub? Having a copier in the office is essential for small tasks.

2. Lease or Own

A copier dealer will help you decide if leasing or purchasing a copier outright is best for you. There are a few factors that weigh like how much you plan to use the copier and if your budget can support buying over leasing. Leasing from a copier dealer usually includes a service component and can be helpful for businesses without an IT team.

3. Sustainability

When the copier is in your office, you can decide on the settings. Have a two-page report, but want to save paper? Use duplex printing to make the document one page. You can also use draft settings to save on ink and toner.

4. Confidentiality

Working with Ricoh copiers in your office means no one else will see your sensitive information. Depending on your industry, this confidentiality may be required to meet required guidelines. You can also set security settings on your copier to protect the data within your office.

If you’re ready to get a copier for your office, you can visit a copier dealer who will help you select the right machine for your company. Express your end goals and purpose for the device, and they will work with to find a good fit. To ask more questions about a copier for your office, call us today!