An office print environment can vary from business to business and differs based on size. Even in different settings, there is always room to improve and make it more efficient. Managed print is a third party service that incorporates modern technology to give you insight into your printing costs.

1. Automate and Simplify

The term managed print is slightly misleading because it’s about more than your use of paper documents. The service is an opportunity to heighten your office’s view of document management and restructuring printing policies. Managed print is also meant to function as a step towards automating processes to become digitized. Workflow automation can go beyond just scanning paper. You can evolve from handing out paper forms to emailing pdfs that receive digital signatures. The more your office moves away from paper-based processes, the more simple it becomes.

2. Document Security Improves

A managed print service provider will work closely with your IT team to establish a secure network that utilizes authentication, encryption, and virus protection. A closely tied IT network and print policies will make it possible for employees to print what and when they want without worrying about data security.

3. Increase Sustainability

The first step of managed print implementation is an assessment of your print infrastructure. The data your provider collects will give you insight into where there is overuse of energy and resources. With this information, you can improve print efficiencies either by switching out outdated equipment or redirecting print jobs to suitable devices.

4. Gain Clarity

Possibly the most beneficial part of managed print is the knowledge you gain about your companies printing habits. Your provider will create strategies based on their data collection that will help you reach your end goal whether that’s increasing productivity or cutting printing costs.

Managed print will give you the tools to simplify your print environment while maximizing security and sustainability. To utilize this service to gain control over your print environment, call us today!