So your printer is broken, and your copier is slow. If you think you have to decide which one to replace between the two, think again. A multifunction copier builds all your needed equipment into one machine. If you need further convincing, read on to learn why you should purchase a multifunction copier.


Bundling your copier, printer, scanner, and fax has a lot of benefits. If you receive a fax and need to make copies, it can all be done it one sitting. No need to go back and forth between your desk or separate machines.

With wireless connectivity, you can also print from any device allowing you the flexibility to work from multiple platforms. A multifunction copier subtly creates a more efficient office.

Cost Savings

The main attraction of a multifunction copier is the money it saves your business. Instead of paying for a separate copier, printer, and scanner you make one initial purchase. This means you condense your maintenance costs into one machine.

Not only are you saving money by having a multifunction copier, but you ease the burden of shopping for consumables. Especially when you have equipment for different brands, keeping up with the different required ink and paper can be a chore.


A bonus of owning a multifunction copier is its assistance in your efforts to go green. One machine takes up less energy than several different once. Also, you can program it to shut off at unneeded hours as not to waste energy. You can also reduce your waste of consumables when you only have to order one kind and can keep track of how much ink and paper you are using.

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