When businesses are considering their purchase of a new copier, a common question is if their copier needs to copy and print in color. Typically, this question doesn’t have as much to do with the function of printing or copying in color, as much as it concerns the costs associated with it.

Many are concerned that choosing a color copier would cost them more. Many businesses also find themselves concerned that employees might utilize a color copier for personal use than if it were black and white only. Cutting costs wherever possible is essential for every company, so these stresses make sense.

While these concerns are valid, there are some reasons to believe purchasing or leasing a color copier may help you save money:

1. Desk Top Printers Cost More to Print

Replacing the cartridges for a desktop printer is extremely expensive. Leasing or purchasing a color copier will help you eliminate the high costs of operating a color laser printer. It is believed that it costs nearly 300% to 400% more to print on a desktop printer than it would be to print on a new color copier.

2. Print Monitoring

New color copiers can set up accounts for each employee’s printing so that it can be monitored and controlled. This helps discourage employees from excess or personal printing on a company device.

3. No More Outsourcing

Local print specialists are a blessing for personal printing, but they are expensive for businesses to use for all their printing needs. Outsourcing colored prints can cost between 500% and 2,000% of the cost it would be to print in-house. These costs are preposterous for the business trying to save money; investing in your own devices is a much more cost-effective decision.

4. Reduce Waste

Many businesses order extra prints when they use a copy center to avoid having to make additional trips to the store in case they need more. This cost adds up over time and becomes pointless when additional documents might not even be used. In-house devices give you the flexibility to manage the prints you need without having to go overboard on ordering extra.

If you are ready to invest in a color copier to save your business money and stress, contact Peter Paul Office Equipment today to see what copiers are available for your company!