In a fast-paced environment, we are always looking for ways to produce projects faster. If you are in the market for a new multi-function copier, you probably have a list of essential features needed for your office. What you might not have considered is the benefit of choosing a multi-function copier that provides different finishing options. Finishing options occur both in and outside of the copier, creating documents that are more than just paper and ink. Read on for easy in-house finishing options.

The Details That Pull Your Project Together

Stapling – Having equipment staple documents for you saves an immense amount of time. All you have to do is specify the binding edge and number of staples. Add this to duplex printing, and you’ve got a great project made quickly.

Hole Punch – If you are creating documents to place in binders, punch function is a must. Once again all you have to do is specify the binding edge.

Booklet – A booklet can be created by printing on the front and back of the paper and finishes with a fold down the middle.

Folding – For creating pamphlets, the folding finishing option does it all. Anything from C-fold to Z-fold and much more. With this function, you can explore these options and create unique projects.

Post Process Inserter – If you are creating booklets or pamphlets that need an additional insert, this can be done with pre-printed or special blank pages.

Great Looking Documents At Your Fingertips

To create great looking projects look no further than your in office multifunction copier. There’s no need to ship out projects to third party vendors or spend labor costs on putting documents together. Take advantage of the ability of your multi-function copier to staple, hole punch, and fold documents. For more information on finishing options and all other office equipment, contact us!