Have you ever considered the actual cost of your printing fleet? There are the upfront costs and consumable expenses, but there are hidden costs that can escape you. Managed print services analyze your environment and will make improvement recommendations. Here’s what you risk without managed print.


Without managed print documents are left on printer trays where they are either forgotten, taken by someone else, or lost. If these files contain confidential information, this system puts your security at risk.

Managed print secures your documents by putting safety measures into place. You can create users who are authorized for certain accounts. These authorized users will be the only ones who can release data from the printer that is deemed confidential.

Your printer also has a hard drive within just like a computer. This hard drive receives data for print jobs and stores them there. This data needs to encrypted and wiped from the hard drive when you replace the printer.


Printers use resources and energy that can cost money, but also decrease your sustainability efforts if not monitored. Do you know how much your printer is costing you? The first step of managed print is to assess your printing fleet and figure out which devices are not working efficiently. Either these printers are outdated, or they need software updates to work more effectively.

Your sustainability efforts are only as good as how many resources you are using. Managed print will make sure that print jobs are sent to the appropriate machine. For instance, photo prints will go to the inkjet, and large text documents go to laser printers.

Without managed print, you put yourself at risk of security failures and decreased sustainability. If you want to work against these, call us today to learn more.