What Does a Print Audit Do?


Managed print services are quickly becoming a favorite in the world of business solutions, and there's one simple reason for that: a print audit is an unrivaled tool when it comes to efficiency, budget control, and workflow management. How can a straightforward step make such a big difference? Let's take a closer look at managed print to find out!

The First Step

Managed print services is one of those solutions that can be as big--or as small--as you need it to be. It adapts to your company's specialized needs, helps you reach short-term and long-term goals, and grows with you no matter what. The secret to this kind of consistency and reliability is in the first step: the print audit.

A print audit is what makes your managed print provider capable of offering such an excellent service. What happens during a print audit is this: you go on doing exactly what you usually do exactly how you normally do it, and your provider watches, analyzes, tracks data and draws conclusions. You're not being judged; your provider is just learning what makes your company tick--and how to come up with targeted solutions that address your biggest pain points.

Print audits look at all kinds of data, including:

  • how many devices you have,
  • what makes and models of devices you have,
  • how much and how often you print,
  • how quickly you go through consumables,
  • which tools and solutions you use,
  • what your security protocols are,
  • and how your workflows operate.

With this information in hand, you and your provider can work together to choose the best managed print solutions for your unique needs. That way, you skip the "is this going to work?" phase and move right into the "this is working great" phase!

Ready to see what managed print services and a print audit can do for you? Contact us today to get started!