Work processes within office spaces can affect production and ease of workflow. If you’re looking to improve your office work systems, you might look to a multifunction copier. A multifunction device can improve efficiency in a few ways.

Assessing Running Costs

Multifunction copiers that have a lower running cost and don’t use up cheaper printer toner are usually more expensive up front. This leaves some businesses in a bind as they don’t have the capital to make the upfront investment. If this is the case for your company, there are other ways to reduce printer overhead.

Start by adjusting printing settings to draft and black and white. This will use less energy and toner. High capacity ink cartridges can also help save on running costs. While you’re making your setting more efficient, check on your warranty. If it’s still active, you can have any other problems fixed.

Printing Double Sided

There are some situations when printing double-sided is not possible, but for the most part, documents can have text on both sides. You can even choose how you want the text to flip over. Long edge binding will read like a book while short edge binding will involve flipping the paper vertically. Double-sided printing saves on printer supplies, which is more sustainable as well as cost-effective. It can also make putting together packets less time consuming as you’ve reduced the number of pages involved.

Benefits of a Multifunction Device

A multifunction copier wraps a printer, copier, scanner, and sometimes fax into one. The duality of the equipment makes it easier to get everything done at once. You can scan a document, edit it, and then make copies for redistribution. Multifunction copiers also improve the energy efficiency of an office. If you’re ready to make a change in your office with a multifunction copier, call us today!