Managed print is a service that reduces the cost of your printing. It’s easy to think you have a handle on how much your spending on printing, but there are hidden costs. Let’s take a look at how managed print can help get your printing costs down.

1. Leasing and Ownership

Purchasing a printer comes with additional costs that a business should be aware of. Consumables like paper and ink need to be stocked to keep the office running. Leasing a printer usually comes with a materials stocking service. Managed print can assess your current service agreements and help you decide if leasing or buying is more cost efficient.

2. Types of Documents

If you are creating quality graphics advertisements, it’s going to cost more than double sided text records. Either way, you’ll want to make sure employees are using the correct printer per project. Managed print will take not of which printers are being misused and redirect jobs to the proper device.

3. Paper

The cost of paper isn’t hidden, you can see it on an invoice. What you might not see is how much paper is being wasted. Whether team members are printing frivolously or making mistakes, the cost of wasted paper can add up. Print policies created by managed print can get these habits in check.

4. Security Risks

A lot of focus has been put on protecting digital data, but paper-based security breaches exist as well. Anyone can walk by a printer and look at a document or grab it off the tray. Prevent this with user authorization codes that release print jobs.

Managed print can help find all the hidden ways your print environment is costing you more than you think. For more information on assistance with reducing wasteful printing practices, call us today!