Taking care of your multifunction copiers isn’t just smart–it’s also the best way to make sure that these hardworking machines will stay efficient and trustworthy for years to come. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to know just what the machine needs–so here are a few copier care tips you can try out today!

Protecting Your Multifunction Copier

Multifunction copiers have become a critical part of countless businesses. They help communications run smoothly, improve customer service, help create brands, and generally keep workflows healthy and functional–so it makes sense that copier care should be a top priority. A little bit of regular maintenance will help protect your multifunction copier from general wear and tear, but it will also help keep it in tip-top shape so that you never lose out on any of the efficiency you’ve come to expect from these machines.

Here are a few simple ways to show your multifunction copier some TLC:

  • Use the right paper.

Some copiers can only use certain kinds of paper, and almost every make and model will protest to low-quality paper. Remember, paying a little bit more for higher-quality paper (and taking good care of it by storing it in a clean, dry place) will be cheaper in the long run because it won’t damage your multifunction copier.

  • Handle with care.

Multifunction copiers aren’t exactly delicate, but that doesn’t mean they’re indestructible. It’s important to handle your copier with care at all times–for example, don’t press buttons multiple times when the machine is trying to boot up, don’t open the machine too roughly, and make sure to fix paper jams in the recommended ways rather than tearing or pulling.

  • Keep it clean.

Keeping your copier clean is a simple, painless way to make sure it lasts longer. Just do a little bit of regular maintenance–like cleaning the exterior, the glass, and the trays–and you’re on your way to a happier machine.

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