There are a lot of reasons we put off replacing office equipment. In some ways, we are attached to printers that we know how to use and have worked with for a long time even as they drive us crazy. Turn the situation around by thinking of all the reasons replacing your old printer would benefit your company.

If Your Printer Is……

  • 1. Slow If you’ve been putting up with a slow functioning printer for too long, it’s time to move on. If you are working with an inkjet printer, you might consider a laser printer which works at higher speeds. The faster people can complete tasks at the printer the quicker they can return to their projects.
  • 2. Overworked As your company grows, it may outgrow its printer fleet. Your employees will become frustrated if too many people are using the same printer. Also, the increased usage of the printer is going to wear it out faster. Find a printer that is designed for higher output and will still produce quality documents.
  • 3. Always Needs Servicing Constantly having to have your printer serviced slows down productivity. Instead of continuing to patch up things as you go, consider the time and money you will save in the long run with new equipment.
  • 4. Outdated Business needs change, and that can include the printing technology you use. Maybe you feel that a multifunction copier would be the best fit for your office instead of several single-use machines. Or perhaps you are looking for a printer that can staple pages to create a workbook. Whatever the case is, replacing your printer can open the door to increased productivity and efficiency.

Handle Business Demands

Keeping up with today’s technology can be overwhelming, but don’t let your printer keep you behind. Replace your slow and outdated printer, and you will be amazed at the difference it makes.

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