Print needs vary between industries and they indeed differ in each business and organization. Here’s how to find the right printing solution for your enterprise.


Political processes require a lot of paperwork to print, file, scan, and redistribute. Without serious oversite, you can compromise sensitive information. Only high-level security is acceptable for printers in government offices. These offices can also benefit from print management. Digitizing files and archiving them in a secure online database provides a valuable back up storage in case physical records are confiscated or destroyed.


Teachers and staff of educational facilities interface with printers and other office equipment every day. Secure printing solutions are necessary for institutions that deal with confidential student records. Setting printers up with passcodes allows only authorized individuals to release print jobs.

Legal Services

Legal offices have a hard time reducing their paper output because they need to keep documentation on record. Printers in a legal setting need to handle a high volume output. When purchasing a printer for the legal industry, make sure it can handle an above average workload. It will be more economical in the long run to spend more on a printer upfront than have to replace one.


Healthcare is an industry where there is no wiggle room when it comes to regulations. Whatever your printing solution is, it must include the ability to meet HIPAA requirements. Document management can help cut down on the cost of printers while keeping patient information secure.


Every business is going to have a unique printer set up. Some require detailed graphic printing, while others are more geared towards high-volume text documents. Whichever your business falls under document management will analyze your print environment and help create policies that minimize costs.

Each industry and business will rely on different printing solutions to achieve their needs. By looking at the unique angles of your printing fleet and user needs you’ll be able to decipher what works for you. To learn more about printers and business solutions contact Peter Paul today!