Your office is looking for a new multifunction copier, and you’re not sure you want to purchase a new device. Renting and leasing are both feasible options depending on what you’re looking for. Take a look at the fundamental differences.


A small percentage of companies choose to rent multifunction copiers, but for specific reasons. A reason for renting office equipment might be that you are just starting your business and are not sure how a multifunction copier will fit into your budget or needs. By renting you can gauge how often the copier is used and what type of device you will need going forward.

Monthly Costs

With flexibility comes a higher price tag. Renting is a little more expensive because you are using it for a short term. There also won’t be an ownership option at the end of your contract as equity hasn’t been built up.


Leasing a multifunction copier is beneficial for many reasons. You can use equipment without making an upfront investment. Your ability to change devices is also flexible. If you’re ready to upgrade to the new software you’re not tied to the copier you initially chose. Many companies lease for this reason so that they can keep up with technological trends.

Monthly Costs

With a lease, your cost of the equipment is spread out month to month making acquiring new devices much more manageable. You’re also building up equity and have a few choices at the end of your contract. You can return the equipment and be done, renew the lease, or buy the copier.

Whether you rent or lease a multifunction copier depends on the length of your need and budget. Renting is an excellent option if you don’t want to commit to a monthly agreement and leasing allows you to lock in an affordable rate with a few end of contract options. To learn more about renting and leasing multifunction copiers, call us today!