Small business owners know that any moment of downtime will affect their company. To prevent issues from arising you should examine the benefits of managed print. Managed print is a document solution that aims to reduce printing costs and create an integrated printing fleet. Here are three proven ways it will accelerate your small business.

1. Streamlined Workflows

A small business may struggle with reducing print costs without resources to help guide them. It’s common for employees to print unnecessarily to printers not suited for their particular print job. To combat these challenges, managed print assesses your current printing fleet. This assessment will give them data to track who and what is being printed. They will also be able to figure out which printers are working efficiently and which using more energy than they are worth.

Production will accelerate once you implement print policies that cut down on wasted consumables and teach employees proper printing guidelines based on a managed print assessment.

2. Moving Into the Digital Age

As technology advances, it’s important for small businesses to keep up with the market around them. The best way to do this is by digitizing your office. Managed print will help you make the transition by slowing down your dependence on paper and looking for tasks you can complete digitally. These tasks can include switching from wet ink to electronic signatures and emailing new hire handbooks instead of printing them.

3. Keeping Documents Secure

The loss or breach of data can be detrimental to any company, particularly small business. Managed print procedures include analyzing the effectiveness of your current printing fleet and if any of your printers are unsecured; they will alert you and present a solution.

Small businesses need to take more discretion when deciding where to spend their budget, but managed print should not be looked over. Future planning will always be beneficial and managed print works to tighten up your workflow today to save you money going forward. To speak with a professional contractor about your printing infrastructure, call us today!