Printing is a crucial part of your business, but it shouldn’t be all about saving time, money, and energy. In order to successfully manage your printer fleet and remain effective, efficient, and productive, you need to rely on one thing: precision. That’s exactly what you’ll get when you automate meter reads for your printers–and today, we’ll explain why.

Don’t Skip the Meter Reads

When it comes to office equipment like printers, copiers, and scanners, you can’t always be an expert. In fact, you’ve probably learned enough about your printers to keep them in good working order, but have yet to discover every little thing they can do for you–and, chances are, you still skip important things like meter reads every once in awhile. The truth is that, in order to maintain a reliable, high-quality fleet, it’s critical to get timely and precise information from your meter reads. If you don’t, you’re essentially missing out on a chance to solve any potential problems before they arise.

With that said, getting perfect meter reads can be a pain–so that’s why it’s best to turn to automation. When you automate meter reads for your printers, you can count on:

  • More accuracy

When you have a large or spread-out printer fleet, it can be easy to get inaccurate information or to treat printers differently. By automating your meter reads, you guarantee that every printer–no matter the make, model, or location–gets maintenance, repairs, and consumables right on time, without any extra stress.

  • Less wasted time and money

Let’s face it: getting meter reads isn’t the easiest or most enjoyable job. It takes time, it has a large margin for human error, and, often, it wastes money. Luckily, when you automate your meter reads, you don’t have to spend all that time walking from one printer to the next.

  • Helpful information

Automated meter reads let you know all kinds of important things, from your ink and toner usage habits to your printers’ performance issues. This stuff helps you anticipate future problems and stop emergencies before they ever arise.

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