Did you know that many of today’s printers don’t just print on paper? The truth is that these powerful, efficient machines can help you create so much more–which opens up all kinds of opportunities for marketing, communication, and creativity. Let’s find out what printers can really do!

Printer Power

From multifunction devices to production printers, today’s machines are stronger and more capable than ever. They can handle just about anything when it comes to paper–but many companies don’t realize that certain devices, especially wide-format printers, can do more than that. A lot of people are missing out on real printer power. Of course, it’s important to make sure you know what your individual machine can do so that you don’t ruin the device, but many machines can print on these materials:

  • Adhesives. Self-adhesive material is great for stickers, decals, and labels–and when you can personalize them for your own unique needs, there’s no limit to what you can do. (Plus, a well-designed and professional-looking label can really make your company stand out.)
  • Aluminum. Have you ever thought about printing on aluminum? The finished product is, as you might expect, both unique and eye-catching. If you need to make a statement or create something truly dazzling, check if your printer works with aluminum.
  • Vinyl. Vinyl printing is a great option for anything that needs to survive outdoors. It’s especially helpful for important signage, and it allows high levels of personalization.
  • Magnets. Magnets are a great tool because they’re easy to distribute and they’re functional. Printing custom designs on magnets is even easier than you might think (with the right machine, that is).

So, what can your printer do? To find out more or to buy a machine that can do all of these things, contact us today!