Multifunction copiers come in all sizes with varying features. Choosing the right machine for your office doesn’t have to be a challenge all you need is to prepare for the purchase with an idea of what you’re looking for.

What are You Looking For

The first thing to ask yourself when buying a multifunction copier is what you need it for. Printing graphic images as opposed to black and white text are jobs that two different machines can handle. Inkjet copiers will produce better photo images whereas laser copiers will copy text documents quickly. There are also cost considerations when it comes to choosing between laser and inkjet. An inkjet will be less expensive but have more expensive consumables.

Functions and Features

A multifunction copier should copy, print, scan, and maybe fax but you still need to examine the functionality of these features. For example, make sure your machine scans over a network and not just a USB before you purchase. Another function to check is if you can copy independently of a running computer. Extra features such as scan to email are only necessary if you think they are business-critical.

Color Printing

A black and white copier versus a color multifunction copier will consume different budgets. Depending on how often you use color you may be able to skip it and send special projects to an off-site print house. It all depends on what you think will be most cost-effective.

Keep Size in Mind

Multifunction devices are larger in general, but they don’t have to be massive. Measure the area where you plan to use the machine before you purchase the copier. Some devices have a taller frame, but new technology has slimmer copier designs.

This guide should set you on the starting path for buying a multifunction copier. For more information, call us today!