An often overlooked area of network security within an office is its printers. There are many ways that documents and information can be compromised. The two areas that need to be protected are what information is housed inside of the printer, such as the hard drive, and the actual physical documents that are printed externally. A security plan that covers both of these aspects is essential.

Internally Unbeknownst to some, jobs sent to a printer may be saved on the hard drive. To protect stored data, always have the printers hard drive removed and wiped before returning a leased machine or getting rid of an old one. Another internal threat that exists is via your network. Hackers can access information sent to PCs and printers. Check to see if you can encrypt these connections. Your machine may have the capability, or you can purchase additional software. Finally, fix known security issues with up to date software.

Externally Securing your physical documents are a little easier. First, place your printers in a common area of the office to discourage snooping. You can also password protect access to the printer so that it only prints when the code is entered. Password protection can also limit other people from changing printer settings.

There is no such thing too insignificant to secure. While a printer may not seem like a top priority in your IT security plan, there are many reasons that it should be. Access from internet or connections between PCs and printers need to be secured as well as the hard drive protected. Equally important is the location of your printers and who has access to what. For more information about security and printers contact us!