Investing in print equipment is no small matter. When you pick a device for your office, you are buying a machine you hope to last a long time. You may think you’re doing enough by scheduling regular maintenance appointments, but there is, even more, you can do to ensure your equipment has a long, efficient life.

Here are four tips for lengthening your printer’s lifespan:

1. Train Your Staff

A common error in offices is the lack of training for employees that use your print equipment. When left to learning a device by themselves, they might perform basic functions incorrectly that could lead to damage and wear on your printer.

Employees should even be trained on how to use your device’s most basic functions. This includes powering on and off the machine, reloading paper products, and replacing toner or ink. This training should also include covering the features associated with your device, like if it is a multifunction machine.

2. Designate a go-to Operator

One staff member should be trained for troubleshooting or training advanced functions. They should be knowledgeable of all aspects of the printer, giving your office an in-house professional who can assist printer use.

3. Use Quality Supplies

Quality is probably a top priority for your business’ prints. To see quality prints, you need to use quality supplies. Be sure to use the manufacturer’s recommended paper, ink, and toner to see your printer operate as long as possible. Low-quality supplies might have a more appealing price tag, but they will hurt your printer in the long run.

4. Keep Operations Clean

Keeping your printer in a clean environment will help ensure its longevity. Making sure that employees don’t use the device with dirty or sticky fingers will ensure that your device is kept clean from dirt and gunk. Regularly cleaning and dusting your printer’s surfaces and trays will keep operations smooth.

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