Using the multifunction copier in your office is most likely second nature. Companies use these devices regularly and don’t need to be told the basic functions. What you might not know, on the other hand, is the extra features that can improve your usage. Check out the following tips on using your multifunction copier.

Mastering User Interface

New multifunction copiers that are up to date technologically will have a digital control panel. These can either be alienating or incredible, and the distinction is in how you use them. A touchscreen user interface should integrate into existing workflows and not make tasks more difficult. That being said, the design should be intuitive for all employees in the office. If someone is having difficulty using the system, consider how it could be reconfigured. Another way to improve producing with your multifunction copier and the user interface is connecting it to your cloud storage software.

Speed and Capability

The volume that your multifunction copier can handle will determine the efficiency of your business. If you are overexerting the device, you will find it hard to finish projects while you are waiting for a logjam to clear. To determine the volume, you need the copier to operate at; you need to know your pages per minute. Look for a multifunction copier that matches your regular output. Another function to look at is maximum paper capacity. This will determine how often you have to refill the paper tray.

Compliance and Security

Multifunction copiers are complex and should be treated like computers. They house hard drives that require securing the data that runs through them. You want your device to have password access restriction, encrypted connections when transmitting information, and a secure release print job set up.

As you can see, your device has more to offer than the basic functions. To learn more about getting the most out of your multifunction copier, [call us today[(!