Multifunction copiers present us with a million ways to improve business practices, but if we never utilize them, they will sit idle. One such feature is the scanner. With quality scanning, your business can accelerate its efforts.

Document Capture Vs. Data Capture

When we think about scanning, we tend to have one process in mind. The machine takes a piece of paper and makes a copy. This is true in the case of document capture where the entire document is replicated and can be in the form of a PDF, JPEG, or text editing format. The other type of capture is for data. Data capture takes only information in certain areas of the document. For example, if you have an invoice with a name and credit card information it will just capture the data, not the image of the entire document.

Simple Steps for Quality Scans

Before using a multifunction copier to scan a document follow these easy steps.

  1. Prep your document: To guarantee a quality scan, remove staples, paper clips, and unneeded post-it notes.
  2. Capture the document: Depending on the features of your multifunction copier you can capture materials in various ways. Most likely you will use your scanner, but you can also use a camera phone.
  3. Forms processing: This is when you will differentiate between document or data capture.
  4. Enhancement: If you need to clean up any part of your image you can crop, rotate, or other features depending on your multifunction copier.
  5. Index: Indexing a document ensures that you will be able to find it again. Try utilizing document type, customer name, or information on a barcode.

Maximizing Benefits

Once you have scanned a document into your database and indexed it correctly, other team members should be able to easily find and view the document. Taking full advantage of the scanning feature on your multifunction copier will improve workflow.

To learn more about multifunction copiers and their numerous benefits, contact us today.