Managed print is a trending word in business today and for a good reason. If you don’t have a good grasp of how much your company is spending on printing whether it’s energy cost or consumables, your bill may be larger than you imagine. The problem with keeping track of this information is the work load it adds to your schedule. A managed print service does the work for you and lets you focus on core tasks. Here’s how managed print can save you money.

Benefits of Managed Print

Managed print is an outsourcing service designed to restructure your printing environment in a way that is more profitable. To do this, service professionals will analyze your printing fleet and employee habits. By using this data, a managed print service can figure out where money is being lost and come up with solutions to these problems.

The key benefits of managed print are cost savingsdata security, and increased sustainability. As you see these benefits emerge through managed print, you will also notice an increase in productivity as employees no longer have to focus on unneeded tasks outside of their daily goals.

How Managed Print Works

Managed print works by assessing your printing environment to pin point where you can make improvements. To make these improvements, you will implement print rules. These rules might cover who can print and what can be printed. Other rules include mandatory duplex printing when appropriate and automatic gray scale printing.

Questions to Ask when Looking for a Service Provider

Choosing the right service provider makes all the difference. Start with these questions when deciding which managed print service to use.

  • What security features do you make available?
  • How will you measure and report cost reductions?
  • Does the provider have positive reviews?
  • How does the provider plan to integrate with your IT network?

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